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Businesses resume their activity assuming all precautions to guarantee the safety of both their employees and their customers. For this, it is essential that they comply with professional disinfection and cleaning measures of their facilities in order to avoid any type of coronavirus infection.

Why should I perform a COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning in my office or industry?

During the state of alarm for the coronavirus, many offices and businesses have had to close their doors. With the reopening of the establishments, employees and the general public want to be sure that they are in a safe place. For this to happen, all areas of the companies need thorough and periodic professional cleaning with products authorized by the Ministry of Health that guarantee the protection of all people.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease, which has spread rapidly to more than 200 countries since December 2019. In the absence of a vaccine or specific treatment, the main protocol to prevent COVID-19 is to follow a series of strict hygiene measures.

Even after the state of alarm has ended and people begin to come into contact with each other, coronavirus infections are likely to continue to occur. So we must all remain very vigilant and continue to take precautionary measures.


Disinfection and cleaning protocol against COVID-19 in offices and industry

To proceed with the disinfection and cleaning treatment it is important that the company has an action protocol.

Fogging and spraying

At the beginning of the cleaning, the cleaning company proceeds with a pathogen discharge mist. The disinfection technician, protected with special equipment, sprays the disinfectant with special machinery that does not puddle the surface.

It is carried out close to the floor or walls and with little power so as not to generate dust or aerosols. The small pulverized antiviral particles generate a "cloud" in the area that penetrates all surfaces and corners of the premises. Disinfectant misting and spraying allows treatment of large areas in a short time.

Disinfection procedure against COVID-19 disease in offices and industry

1. Before disinfection treatment against COVID-19

Areas susceptible to damage, such as computers and telephones, are protected and all staff are informed of the measures to be taken.

2. During disinfection treatment  against COVID-19

During the treatment, the areas where the disinfection is to be carried out are evacuated. At the beginning of the process the space is ozonated to purify the air. The surfaces in each zone are then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to remove germs and impurities from objects and surfaces.

It is also very important to disinfect open spaces, since they are transit areas where COVID-19 can persist for days depending on the surface.

3. After disinfection treatment  against COVID-19

Once the professional coronavirus disinfection process is completed, the air is ozonized again and after the safety period, the treated areas are well ventilated. Ventilation is a good recommended practice not only after a deep disinfection treatment but also on a regular basis, since in addition to maintaining good air quality, it slows down the transmission capacity of the virus.


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